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What is Emsella®?


ProcedureUrinary incontinence can be a difficult topic to talk about. However, for many women in Granville, Heath, and surrounding Ohio communities, it's a reality. Oftentimes, women who've experienced childbirth, have gone through menopause, or are getting older find themselves unable to stop themselves from having small accidents when they sneeze, laugh, or exercise. Additionally, EMSELLA can be beneficial for male patients who are wanting to improve their intimate health and to treat incontinence. At Skin Retouch MediSpa, our team is proud to offer EMSELLA. This unique technology is designed to deliver thousands of supramaximal muscle contractions to the pelvic floor each session. Throughout life, these muscles stretch out and grow lax, becoming unable to control the bladder. But through these contractions, the muscles are restored, giving men and women more physical freedom without the worry of those small "accidents", as well as enhancing sexual wellness.

What Are The Benefits Of Emsella?

EMSELLA is a revolutionary treatment for urinary incontinence. At Skin Retouch MediSpa, our EMSELLA treatment plans can help both women and men achieve a new level of confidence with benefits like:

  • No surgery – you only sit on the platform
  • No medications
  • No downtime
  • Offers clinically-validated results
  • Quick, easy, comfortable treatment
  • Can significantly strengthen pelvic floor muscles
  • Can improve sexual health

How Does Emsella Work for women?

Typically, the best way to build muscle is to exercise. During exercise, routine contractions damage muscle fibers and prompt the body's natural ability to repair the tissue, leading to denser and stronger muscles. This is why you often hear of women doing "Kegels" to try and repair the muscles of their pelvic floor. EMSELLA, however, is the equivalent of about 11,000 Kegels in less than 30 minutes. During this half-hour session at Skin Retouch MediSpa, you will sit on a throne-like seat in a private treatment room that delivers high-frequency electromagnetic energy up and into the pelvic floor. While some women describe the tingling sensation and contractions as "odd," they are typically well-tolerable and can even be relaxing. While some women experience some improvement after one session, you can typically expect to need about six sessions over a three-week period. After your session, you're able to leave our Heath, OH office and carry on with your typical day. As your treatments continue, you will notice an increase in your bladder control and increased sexual wellness. 

In addition to treating incontinence, EMSELLA treatments for women can also allow for improved intimate health by allowing for stronger and easier to achieve orgasms. By strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, female patients experience improved sexual wellness and increased sensation.

How Does Emsella work for men?

During an EMSELLA treatment for men, the pelvic floor muscles will be stimulated for overall regained control of the pelvic floor. In addition to treating urinary incontinence, EMSELLA treatments can improve sexual wellness by making it easier to achieve orgasm. Additionally, male patients can experience stronger orgasms and increased sexual sensations. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscle can also help to treat erectile dysfunction and enhance the overall sexual experience.

The new SR (Sexual rejuvenation) Shot 

What is the SR Shot?  

The SR Shot uses Platelet Rich Plasma therapy which is a type of healing and regenerative aesthetic option that harnesses the power of a patient's own blood. The patient will first have a blood draw, which takes just a few seconds. Once the blood is drawn, the growth factors will be isolated via centrifugal force. With the platelets now separate from the rest of the blood, the patient can then be treated with a series of tiny acupuncture-sized needles. A topical anesthetic is used during PRP therapy, which means that the patient will be comfortable throughout the process.

Why is the SR Shot great for women?

The SR Shot is an injection that can help women who desire improved libido, increase the ability to become sexually aroused, and increase the ability to orgasm. With the SR Shot, the patient's own blood is used in the rejuvenation of the vaginal and clitoral areas. Once blood is collected, platelets are extracted from it. The platelet-rich plasma is then injected precisely into both the clitoral area and the “G spot” within inside the vagina. Thanks to the platelet rich plasma, new cells will begin to grow in the treatment areas. This, in turn, means that the clitoral and vaginal areas increase in sensitivity. The SR Shot may also significantly help women who suffer from stress and urinary incontinence. Patients are always numbed with a topical anesthetic cream prior to the procedure to prevent pain during the injection process.  This procedure is relatively fast and typically take less than 30 minutes.  Results are relatively fast and occur within weeks of the first series of shots.  A minimum of two treatments, spaced 6 weeks apart, are recommended.

Why should men get the SR Shot?

The SR Shot for men is used in men who want increased libido and sexual performance. It is most often used in men who suffer from decreased sexual performance because of prostate problems, medication side effects, or diseases such as diabetes. The SR Shot can also help patients with Peyronie's Disease to help straighten the curvature. Once a patient's blood is drawn, the platelets are extracted from the blood. This yields a platelet-rich plasma that is then used in the treatment. The platelet rich plasma is injected into the penis, directly into the specific areas that are most critical in sexual response. Patients are always numbed with a topical anesthetic cream prior to the procedure to prevent pain during the injection process. Male patients using the SR Shot will couple the shot with a pump at home during recovery.  Pain level is relatively low with this treatment.  Most patients are required to do at least 2 series of injections for the best outcome.  The results for men who receive the SR Shot could be an increase of length and girth within 1 to 6 weeks and this may last up to two years.

Is There Any Recovery Required After The SR Shot?

No, a patient can resume their regular routine right away after having the SR Shot. If desired, patients can have intercourse as soon as they feel comfortable with it. Results may be evident right away and may continue to improve over time.

*Individual Results May Vary

And NOW we are so excited to introduce the newest peptide for women's sexual satisfaction!

Skin Retouch is proudly offering a brand new FDA Approved peptide that is helping restore women's sexual satisfaction, the SR (sexual rejuvenation) Peptide.

  • In clinical trials, women who have used the SR Peptide reported their sexual enjoyment more than doubled!
  • Some clinical studies showed that our new peptide treated ED in men and significantly improved erections in men without ED.*

The SR peptide gets your brain in the game by acting on neurotransmitters that impact libido and sexual function. The SR Peptide is not a PDE5 inhibitor like Viagra (Sildenafil) and Cialis (Tadalafil) and shows promise for men and women who have not had success with those treatments.  From our patients that have already tried it, this peptide takes your sex life to an entirely new level.  In fact we have started getting thank you notes from both partners, and we couldn't be happier for everyone who has tried the SR Peptide.  Are you ready to heat up your bedroom?  Book a consultation with Hannah today, you'll thank her in less than 24 hours.

Emsella FAQ

How long do results last after EMSELLA treatment?
EMSELLA is designed to strengthen the muscles within your pelvic floor. Like most muscles, they may require a quick touch-up every now and then. However, most patients notice the full effects of the treatment for about 9 – 12 months after their sixth session.

Are EMSELLA sessions painful?
No. EMSELLA is known to be a very comfortable experience, with most of our patients simply reporting mild contractions. Virtually all patients feel comfortable enough to read, watch TV, or have a conversation throughout the length of the treatment.

Does EMSELLA work for men?
This device is FDA approved for men as well as women. Though urinary incontinence is an issue traditionally associated with women, some men experience this condition as well. In these cases, EMSELLA can be just as useful at restoring total control of the bladder and improving intimate health.

Improved Intimate Health 

Sometimes as women age, experience childbirth, or go through menopause, they start to lose a small bit of control in their bladder. This can lead to small accidents while laughing, exercising, and more. At Skin Retouch MediSpa, however, we offer EMSELLA, a high-tech device that helps women strengthen the muscles of their pelvic floor, leading to better bladder control and improved intimate health. This noninvasive treatment is performed right at our Heath, OH location and is generally comfortable enough that you can read a book or browse your favorite magazine during treatment. For more information, contact our team today to schedule a consultation.










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