Radiesse Bio Stimulators


Radiesse is another regenerative medicine tool in our arsenal for regrowing your own collagen through a process called collagen biogenesis. Radiesse increases the production of collagen by using calcium hydroxy appetite (CaHA) molecules to improve areas with fine lines and volume loss.

Calcium hydroxyapatite is already safely circulating in our tissues every day as bone breaks down and is repaired. Radiesse harnesses that same calcium molecule but in a more concentrated form to provide a scaffolding for the new collagen to form a microscopic honeycomb-like structure that will rebuild lost volume with time.

It can be used as a filler in the cheek and jawline where we lose bone as we age, or diluted into a thinner liquid and injected with a painless cannula into areas of skin laxity to tighten and improve skin texture. 


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