Neurotoxin treatments are the most popular single cosmetic procedure in the U.S. and are mainly used to smooth dynamic wrinkles, or those wrinkles that form as a result of facial movements like frowning, squinting, smiling, and other expressions we tend to make day after day. 

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An advanced wrinkle relaxer, Jeuveau fights signs of aging. Similar to BOTOX® and Dysport®, Jeuveau® relaxes strained facial muscles to improve wrinkles, such as the frown lines that develop in the middle of your brows (also called glabellar lines). Jeuveau® is an effective cosmetic treatment that helps patients in Heath, Columbus, and Newark, OH get a more radiant, youthful look without surgery. Our team is pleased to offer Jeuveau® to men and women at Skin Retouch MediSpa.


Before your Jeuveau® treatment, an experienced member of our team will have you make different facial expressions. We'll take note of where you best need injections. Jeuveau® is a quick treatment that causes minimal discomfort; however, you can ask for local anesthesia to minimize any pain during your treatment. Once your face is prepped, your injections will be made precisely in the predetermined treatment areas. Following your first treatment, we will explain how to best care for your face while the Jeuveau® starts to work. You might have some swelling and redness near the injection sites, but this will subside quickly as your results appear. Generally, it takes about one week before your results can be seen, and they should last up to six months. We recommend quarterly follow-up sessions to keep your wrinkles relaxed.


If you are tired of looking at etched frown lines between your eyebrows that make you look sad, tired, or angry, contact Skin Retouch MediSpa to find out about Jeuveau® injectable wrinkle relaxer. Our trained team will help you form a Jeuveau treatment plan to relax your dynamic wrinkles to give you a younger-looking appearance. Contact our practice in Heath, OH to schedule a Jeuveau® consultation today.

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Jeuveau for neck

Jeuveau For The Neck



Each time you take a look at yourself in the mirror, are you unhappy with fine lines or wrinkles on your forehead and around your eyes? Commonly called dynamic lines, these skin changes develop from repeated facial expressions, such as frowning, smiling, and squinting. As we age, these lines ultimately stay put and can make us seem worn down. Thanks to BOTOX® Cosmetic, it is now possible for Zanesville, Pataskala, and Columbus, OH men and women to temporarily stop the development of moderate to severe horizontal forehead creases, frown lines, and Crow's feet. BOTOX® utilizes a specialized type A strain of botulinum toxin. It functions to temporarily "freeze" the facial muscles that cause those movements, letting the overlying skin recover on its own. At Skin Retouch MediSpa, their team members are proud to offer BOTOX® as a minimally invasive solution to lines and wrinkles and help patients enjoy a smoother, refreshed, more youthful-looking appearance. Our team welcomes you to call our location in Heath, OH for more information about BOTOX® and our other cosmetic injections!


During your initial treatment consultation at Skin Retouch MediSpa, Dr. Richard Ruff or one of our highly trained staff members will perform an aesthetic examination to determine which areas of your face would benefit from treatment. Since BOTOX® is generally an efficient, outpatient treatment, your injections may be carried out in the same appointment. If not, we'll have you come back into the office for this quick 10 – 15 minute procedure. We'll begin by cleaning your face from any lotion, oils, and debris. Then, the formula will be injected into the problem areas of your forehead or upper face using a fine-gauge needle. The majority of individuals notice only slight discomfort (such as a pinching or pinprick sensation). At the end of your visit, you can leave our practice and get right back to your daily activities. It's normal to have a bit of minor redness, bruising, and swelling in the injection sites, but this should not be long-lasting. Our team may suggest that you refrain from rigorous physical activity and do not touch the injection sites for a day or so following your appointment. Over the next 2 – 3 days, you will probably start to experience your smoother, firmer skin. BOTOX® may provide up to four months of youthful, natural-looking improvements for the majority of patients. Dr. Ruff will decide how often you should undergo injections as part of a customized plan to maintain your cosmetic results. Our staff can provide you with the estimated price of BOTOX®; however, the cost tends to vary, depending on the number of units used.


If you are bothered by facial lines that make you appear older, BOTOX® services at Skin Retouch MediSpa may be an effective nonsurgical skin enhancement option. BOTOX® treatments can effectively relax dynamic wrinkles and lines to heighten your natural appearance and give you the youthful look you once had. Get in touch with our practice in Heath, OH to reserve a consultation with Dr. Ruff, and discover more about achieving a fresh-faced, youthful radiance.





SkinRetouch Medispa offers Newark, Granville, and Coshocton, OH women and men several nonsurgical options for skin rejuvenation. Dysport® is an injectable wrinkle relaxer that works like BOTOX® to soften and reduce dynamic lines and wrinkles on the face. Dynamic wrinkles are formed by recurrent facial expressions and movements (like frowning, laughing, and smiling) that over time make the muscles of the face tight. This causes the skin over the muscle to have an etched line that is visible, even when the face is resting. Dysport® is specifically designed to correct one of the most common dynamic wrinkles: the vertical frown lines between the eyebrows. It temporarily relaxes the treated muscle so the skin is smooth but with natural-looking results that don't make your face look frozen. Book a consultation at Skin Retouch MediSpa to learn more about Dysport® injectable wrinkle relaxer treatments and how they can help your face appear more refreshed.


Dysport® injections are administered in one of our procedure rooms following your consultation with Dr. Ruff, taking about 15 – 30 minutes. A local anesthetic or numbing cream is usually unnecessary because the injections are made with a fine-gauge needle that causes little pain, but it may be applied if requested. The treatment area will be cleaned and five carefully placed injections will be administered along the brow, followed by a cold compress to limit swelling and bruising. After your procedure at Skin Retouch MediSpa, you can perform regular tasks, but you should avoid taxing activities for at least a day. Following Dysport® injections, you may notice mild redness and swelling near the injected area, but this will generally disappear within a few days. You should sleep upright the night of your appointment and may want to use cold compresses if needed. Improvements are commonly seen in a few days as the severity of your dynamic wrinkles is decreased for a smoother, softer appearance. These results typically last for around 3 – 4 months, and more treatments can be done at Skin Retouch MediSpa in Heath, OH to maintain your results.


If you are looking for a non-surgical way to revitalize your skin by correcting dynamic wrinkles, Dysport® cosmetic wrinkle relaxer is a great treatment. If you're interested in rejuvenating your look for a youthful yet natural appearance, we can help you develop a personalized plan that fits your needs and goals. We encourage you to contact Skin Retouch MediSpa in Heath, OH to learn more about Dysport® and make a consultative appointment.

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