Jeuveau is wowing us

Jeuveau is one of our staffs favorite for wrinkle reducers. It’s fast acting, it activates in 2-5 days to start to reduce your lines. We suggest to start with a wrinkle reducer in our spa if you want to have flawless looking skin. Muscles make the lines in our face from movement, so if we can relax the movement we can relax those lines. Jason our nurse injector loves Jeuveau too. Don’t forget to start with great skincare also, we recommend Neocutis, for the best take home anti aging prevention. 

Kathrine, a stylist at Millennium Styles, she says Jeuveau kicks in on her the day she receives it.  Everyone reacts differently but the overwhelming feedback is 100% satisfaction. We also have 2 other wrinkle reducers at Skin Retouch MediSpa; Dysport and Botox. If you haven’t tried Jeuveau, check out our prices.  If you’ve never tried toxins, schedule with one of our three injectors today!

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