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Medical Grade Skin Care is WORTH the Investment

Why Medical Grade Skincare Is A Warranty For Your Botox, Jeuveau, Or Dysport

Are you visiting our MedSpa for toxins every 90 days? Are you worried about your original facial lines that Toxins can’t treat? What if we had a way to offer a warranty on your Botox or fillers? What if the solution was so simple you could do it at home?

Injectables like Botox, Jeuveau, or Dysport can help you enhance your facial features and improve your outer appearance. It cannot treat ongoing skin issues such as acne, hyperpigmentation, and rosacea.

How can we help make your Botox Last? No doubt, neuromodulators like Botox, Jeuveau, or Dysport make your skin look beautiful. They remove fine lines and wrinkles, those subtle signs of age we’re fighting against. Medical-grade skincare is like the frosting on the cake. This will make your Botox, Jeuveau, or Dysport last longer.

Medical-grade skincare and injectables go hand in hand. We know that both are big investments but only one investment without the other is a mistake. Patients happily invest in cosmetic injectables but refrain from investing in medical spa-grade skin care. Let’s look at your face like a garden. Your fillers and bio-stimulators are like planting bulbs in the garden. The neuromodulators are your seeds. Getting a facial and using medical-grade home skin care is the final step, the weeding of the garden.


  • Better Quality Medical-grade skin care is held to a very strict standard of quality and is required to contain ingredients that are 99% pure. Over-the-counter and Amazon skincare are not held to the same standards.
  • More of Each Ingredient Medical-grade skincare has a higher concentration of active ingredients. Over-the-counter can not have as many active ingredients and would/should require much more in order to reach the level of effectiveness as Medical grade. EXAMPLE: HYDROQUINONE Hydroquinone is the active ingredient in skin care products that are trying to lighten hyperpigmentation. Hydroquinone is used in medical-grade skin care in concentrations up to 5%. But over-the-counter concentrations have been capped at 2%, since 1982 when the FDA limit was put in place. So, to be compliant, Rodan + Fields lightening agent contains 2% hydroquinone. Some patients will achieve great lightening at this low dose, but others may not see any effect unless the active ingredient is at higher concentrations simply prohibited in over-the-counter products.VI Derm Beauty, in contrast, has the active ingredient at 4% concentration in their Skin Lightening Complex.
  • Medical Grade Goes DEEPER If you’ve purchased skincare from a store, online, or from a non-medical professional this skincare can ONLY work on the outermost layer of the skin, the Epidermis. It sits on the surface and barely penetrates into the deeper layers, where it’s most needed. With Medical Grade/Prescription strength the products are formulated to be delivered to the dermis. The dermis is where the collagen-producing cells live. To make any real changes to the skin the deep dermis has to be impacted.
  • Safety and Purity Standards are Regulated by the FDA Your safety is our priority. When it’s your FACE you might want to keep in mind that what you put on it could have a damaging effect. Here is the skinny on medical grade in layman’s terms: It Does What it Says It Does. Medical grade must have clinical research studies to back up any and all claims about their benefits. Medical-grade skincare products have FDA oversight.
  • Formulated for all? VS Specific to your skin needs You want skincare tailored to your individual needs, don’t you? In the over-the-counter world, skincare is broad and suited for all skin types. But your skin is uniquely yours and your problems are not going to be fixed by a generic one-size-fits-all Oil of Olay. Our medical licenses are required to buy the products we sell and our medical team of professionals has analyzed a number of skincare lines to pick out the highest quality products with the best results for a wide variety of problems from Melasma to acneic to extremely dry or even rosacea-prone skin. When we analyze your skin and pick out the best regimen for you, we can achieve amazing results. Medical-grade skincare doesn’t always mean more expensive We can cite three reasons why you’ll save on medical-grade skincare, it is so effective you don’t need as much. Our famous phrase “a little bit goes a long way.” THEY WORK, SO YOU’RE NOT THROWING AWAY MONEY You have to consider the piles of money wasted on over-the-counter products that you previously purchased and quit using, simply because they didn’t work, and left you frustrated and disappointed. The product graveyard in your bathroom is proof! YOU’LL USE LESS OF IT Because the active ingredient concentrations are higher, and they penetrate into the dermis, generally, you’ll need to use less product to achieve great results. MARKETING COSTS ARE NOT BUILT IN The Medical Grade companies do not typically spend their money on advertising campaigns, instead choosing to spend that money on research, and quality product development. So medical-grade products are not always more expensive than their over-the-counter (OTC) counterparts. The makers of Neocutis have a rewards program built in that you should definitely take advantage of, Neo Rewards members typically get a free product for every 3 purchased. Ask us if you’d like to learn more.

Conclusion: Your injectables like Botox, Jeuveau, or Dysport need healthy skin to produce their best results. Ask us to help you pick the right medical-grade skincare for your skin. This skincare routine will keep your skin looking the best and make your injections last longer with the right use. So let us help you take care of your skin and you will be amazed by the difference it makes. Skin is your body’s largest organ after all.

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